Deploying Spring Boot War in Tomcat running in Docker

Steps to Dockerize Spring Boot Application

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First things First — Lets create a WAR file

As you know, Spring Boot based application by default creates executable JAR. We need to configure a bit to make Spring Boot create a WAR file as output.

  1. Change packing to war in pom.xml

2. Configure a custom name for your war file by setting finalName property in spring-boot-maven-plugin


Remember : In order for your application to run in standalone tomcat, your code needs little tweaks. Please refer it here

Time to Dockerize our Application

Lets start with creating a Dockerfile

FROM tomcat:latest
ADD target/sample.war /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/
CMD ["", "run"]

DockerFile demystified

FROM — Base image on top of which our custom image is to be build

ADD — Copy war file into webapps folder inside Docker

EXPOSE — Expose port 8080 outside Docker container

CMD — The command to be executed when the Docker image is run

Here is our docker-compose.yml file

Now lets run the following command

> docker-compose up —-build

Since we specified DOT (.) in build, docker-compose will search for Dockerfile in current directory & will build the image with name specified in image property (in this case its test-img)

Now your application is running in Tomcat inside Docker !!

Source code —

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